Press Release

Minister Launches National Parasuicide Registry Report

The Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, Tim O’Malley, T.D., today, Friday 9th December, launched the fourth annual report of the National Parasuicide Registry. The National Parasuicide Registry is a national system of population monitoring for the occurrence of parasuicide which was established by the National Suicide Research Foundation and funded by the Department of Health and Children.

International studies have found parasuicide to be one of the most significant risk factors associated with suicide – those who engage in self harm are twenty times more likely to eventually die by suicide. Studies have shown that at least one third of all suicides have a history of parasuicide. The findings in this report indicate that approximately 8,600 individuals presented to hospital due to deliberate self-harm in 2004.

“This report highlights the challenge that deliberate self harm and suicide prevention poses for our health system and our society as a whole. It will also help to identify groups which are particularly vulnerable and will assist in the evaluation of the impact of the preventative and clinical services being provided” the Minister said.

The Report of the National Parasuicide Registry provides information on the general characteristics of people who attempt suicide. It also specifies trends in parasuicide over time and in the different regions of the country. “The analysis of this information will be vital in the development of policies and the implementation of measures aimed at preventing suicide” the Minister added.

The Minister also referred to “Reach Out – a National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention” launched in September. The ten-year Strategy, which was developed by the Project Management Unit of the HSE and the National Suicide Review Group, supported by the Department of Health and Children, sets out a range of actions to be taken by various State and non-governmental agencies on four different levels:

  • The general population
  • Specific target groups such as young men, prisoners, unemployed etc.
  • Responding to a suicide
  • Information and research

The Minister acknowledged the very important work performed by the National Suicide Research Foundation and wished them continued success in their work.