Press Release

Minister Kathleen Lynch welcomes Team Ireland back from the Special Olympics in Los Angeles

The Minister for Primary Care, Social Care and Disability, Kathleen Lynch TD, today welcomed Team Ireland back from the Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

“The Olympics are a very special sporting occasion where just participating is an achievement.  Our Team Ireland did their country proud, taking part with gusto, and bringing home 86 medals.  All 128 team members and their 40 coaches can feel incredibly proud of their achievements”, the Minister said.

“I also want to congratulate all the volunteers – over 200 of them – who were with Team Ireland all the way.  Together, they displayed truly Olympian qualities, throughout the Special Olympics.  Medals are a mark of achievement but I know that 31 of the 88 athletes also set personal bests and to do so in the heat of Los Angeles in a Special Olympics is a mark of commitment and effort”, she continued.

“This was one of the most successful Special Olympics ever for Team Ireland but for everyone who participated, who volunteered, and to their families, friends and communities, I want to say “well done”.  You did your country proud and we are very proud of you all”, she concluded.