Press Release

Minister Kathleen Lynch welcomes publication of Mental Health Commission Report on services in the Carlow/Kilkenny/South Tipperary (CKST) area.

The Minister for Primary Care, Social Care and Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch TD, today (22 July) welcomed the publication of the Mental Health Commission’s report into the targeted intervention into services in Carlow/Kilkenny/South Tipperary by the Inspector of Mental Health Services.

The report makes nineteen recommendations. These are aimed at improving assessment, risk and incident management, clinical assessment processes, service team staffing and composition, team governance and review processes, timely communications with families and the filling of certain gaps in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in South Tipperary, in particular.

“I’m satisfied that the specific HSE implementation plan, which was agreed with the Commission, has delivered or is delivering on these important recommendations. In addition, I’m satisfied that the HSE is addressing any outstanding issues in consultation with the Commission”, the Minister said.

“I have been aware, for some time, of concerns around the issue of suicide or other incidents in the area. I supported the original decision to make this targeted intervention and I wholeheartedly support objective measures which promote quality and safety for service users who are at the centre of everything we do”, she continued

“The targeted intervention team found no basis to suggest that the rate of suicide in the area was anomalous. Nor was there a common causal factor for the incidents and deaths examined. However, the intervention did identify specific improvements and they are being implemented. Most importantly, the lessons learned will be shared with other services across the country, as appropriate”, she said.

“The Government will continue to invest in the modernisation of our mental health services. Since 2012, an additional €125 million and 1,100 posts have been approved. But it’s not just a question of resources. We need to continue to change cultures and behaviours and this requires full engagement by all concerned, not just in Carlow/Kilkenny/South Tipperary, but nationwide.”, she concluded.

I would like to thank the Mental Health Commission for the consistently diligent and constructive efforts which contribute greatly to improvements in the provision of mental health services.