Press Release

Minister Helen McEntee welcomes 10th National Annual Carers’ Week

The Minister for Mental Health and Older People, Helen McEntee TD, welcomes the 10th National Annual Carers’ Week, which runs from the 13th to the 19th of June.

The Minister said: “Caring is a truly special calling, and carers are very special people. Every day in this country, tens of thousands of people provide care for parents, children, partners, family members and others. Love for the dependent person is by far the most common motivation. Carers often feel that they are best placed to provide the kind of care and attention that their loved ones deserve to make their lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

“Carers give up a great deal to provide extraordinary care to family members and others. National Annual Carers’ Week is an important opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work that carers do, the sacrifices that they accept, and the benefits that they bring to so many lives.

“The National Carers’ Strategy was published in 2012 and recognised the critical role that carers play in allowing older people, children, and adults with disabilities to live in dignity and independence in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. This is a message that I heartily endorse.

“I would like to acknowledge the work done by Family Carers Ireland supporting and advocating for family carers and those they care for and to wish everyone involved success on their 10th Annual National Carers’ Week

“On Friday 17th June, I will be part of a delegation led by An Taoiseach at the 26th Summit meeting of the British-Irish Council hosted by the Scottish Government in Glasgow. The Council provides a forum for exchange of information on matters of mutual interest and it fosters positive, practical relationships across these islands. Discussion will take place around the role of carers and supporting people who provide unpaid care in the home. The Council recognises that carers are an integral part of society and the vital contribution made by them to society and I look forward to contributing to the discussion. ”

Access to good quality advice and information is very important in helping people become aware of key services which are available to them. With this in mind, the HSE has launched a dedicated site for Carers on its website to coincide with National Carer’s week.

The site acts as a ‘one stop’ shop for carers, providing information, signposting relevant services across the HSE website and providing links to statutory and voluntary organisations that support carers such as the Family Carers of Ireland, the Department of Social Protection and Citizens Information. The site also offers practical tips for carers on looking after their own health and wellbeing.