Press Release

Minister Harney welcomes announcement by HSE of new wholesaler arrangements

The Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney TD, today (17th September, 2007) welcomed the announcement by the CEO, Health Service Executive of new arrangements for wholesale supply of drugs and medicines to the State. These arrangements will involve revised margins payable for supply to both the GMS and community drugs schemes, and for hospital supply.

These new arrangements are part of the ongoing examination of all aspects of the drug delivery system, from the manufacturer to the patient, in order to achieve greater value for money from the operation of the Drugs schemes, consistent with patient safety and continuity of supply. The revised margins were arrived at by the HSE following extensive consultation with all stakeholders.

Noting existing efficient arrangements for supply of drugs and medicines to patients, due in no small part to the high level of service and commitment provided by both wholesalers and community pharmacists, the Minister noted that the HSE had taken these aspects into account during extensive consultation with all stakeholders. The new arrangements will contribute to maintaining and enhancing these efficiencies and also achieve better value for money for the State, taxpayers and patients. This will enable the State to continue to meet the needs of patients in the future.