Press Release

Minister Harney confirms major new Children’s Care Centre in Tallaght.

•45% increase in care services for children
•7 new assessment bays
•2 new theatres
•15,000 more attendances annually

The Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney, said today, Wednesday, 16th May, that a major new Children’s Ambulatory Care Centre will be sited in a new purpose-built building in Tallaght.

The Minister said ,”The ongoing review of proposals for a National Paediatric Hospital on the Mater site, confirms that the new Ambulatory Care Centre in Tallaght will be advanced as part of the initial phase of the new Children’s Hospital development.”

This proposal follows an analysis of the current location of major paediatric populations in the catchment area for the new hospital and has been designed to minimise the travel time for all children to paediatric services.”

The Tallaght development will consist of an urgent care centre providing for up to 48,000 urgent care attendances (15,000 more than are currently provided in the National Children’s Hospital in Tallaght). It will include 7 assessment bays and will be open 7 days a week from 8 am until Midnight.

84% of current attendees to the existing Children’s hospital A+E in Tallaght do not require admission and will continue to access their care at the new Ambulatory Care Centre. Other children who previously attended Crumlin A&E will also attend this centre.

A major expansion in outpatient clinic provision is proposed. There will be 12 clinic rooms including provision for child development and therapy support. There will be a greatly expanded provision of specialty outpatient clinics providing 41,000 to 57,000 appointments (currently child appointments total 30,000).

A significant level of day case surgery will also be carried out in the new Centre. There will be 20 day case beds, 3 theatres (only one currently) and procedure rooms. This will provide for 8,000 to 9,000 day cases compared to 3,600 currently.

Common day case procedures expected to be carried out at the Tallaght site include;
•ear operations and the insertion of grommets,
•procedures for the treatment of skin lesions, toenails etc,
•administration of chemotherapy,
•reduction of fractures,
•suturing in small children and,
•some cardiovascular procedures and investigations
•diagnostic tests requiring anaesthetic such as MRI/CT in small children.