Press Release

Minister for Older People stresses increased investment in home care in 2017

Commenting on reports on the provision of Home Help Hours and Home Care Packages in the HSE’s 2017 National Service Plan, Minister McEntee said:

“Home care services are critical to support older people to stay in their own homes and communities, and maintain their independence for as long as possible. This is an absolute priority for me and the Government and this is borne out by our actions to date.

“In the Revised Estimates for 2016, the Government provided an additional €41.4 million for home care on top of the original €330 million provided for 2016.

“Building on the additional resources already provided in 2016, a further €23.2m (€13.2m from Winter Initiative, and €10m in new development funding) will be provided for homecare in 2017.

“This will provide for an increase in the number of Home Help Hours from 10,437 million in the 2016 Service Plan to 10,570 million in 2017. This high level is being maintained but it is also important to note that the number people in receipt of a Home Care Package will increase from 15,450 to 16,750 in 2017. Intensive Home Care Packages are being maintained at 190. The 2016 Winter Initiative provided 650 additional Home Care Packages in 2016 and 300 extra are included in the 2017 Service Plan. Paediatric Home Care Packages are also increasing, from 474 to 514.

“Any suggestion that there has been a cut in Home Help Hours or Home Care Packages is absolutely not the case.”