Press Release

Minister for Heath launches the Strategy to Address the Issue of Crisis Pregnancy

The Crisis Pregnancy Agency was established in October 2001 with responsibility for drawing up a strategy to combat crisis pregnancies, to promote options (other than abortion) where a crisis pregnancy occurs and to provide for post crisis pregnancy services. The Government´s intention in establishing the Agency was to ensure that any woman who finds herself in this situation will have available to her the widest possible range of assistance to help her deal with her situation.

At the launch of the strategy today the Minister for Health and Children, Micheál Martin T.D., stated – “The Strategy before us today is a comprehensive and ambitious document which encompasses all aspects of crisis pregnancy from prevention to post-crisis pregnancy support. It provides a blueprint to guide policy makers and service providers towards the delivery of co-ordinated programmes to prevent crisis pregnancy, and to provide a comprehensive and caring response to the needs of women with a crisis pregnancy”.

The strategy makes recommendations in relation to prevention, support during crisis pregnancy and in relation to the issue of quality assurance in relation to pregnancy counselling agencies.

Minister´s Speech