Press Release

Minister for Health welcomes passage of the Regulation of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill through the Dáil.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has welcomed the passage of the Regulation of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill through the Dáil

The Bill, which will allow for the introduction of termination of pregnancy services, will now proceed to the Seanad for consideration.

Minister Harris said “This is a really significant step forward in preparing for the introduction of termination of pregnancy services at the beginning of January.”

Speaking as the debate in the Dáil concluded, the Minister said: “We pass this Bill today just six months after the people had their say. I would particularly like to thank all those people who recognised the need for our discourse to be respectful of differing views, and of the sensitivities involved, particularly for those who have experienced termination of pregnancy. I can only imagine how the intensity of debate during the campaign and since then has felt for women who have themselves travelled abroad for a termination over many years.”

Mr Harris added: “On May 25th, the people said ‘No More’. We cannot turn back the clock but what we can do is ensure a new era for Irish women. One which values women, respects the decisions they make and cares for them in their own country. I look forward to a time – not far away now – when we will be able to assure women experiencing crisis pregnancies that they will be looked after here at home, where they need not fear that they will be stigmatised for their choices or lack the support they and their families need from our health service. I also look forward to being able to assure our doctors, nurses and midwives that they can be confident in the decisions they are helping their patients to make and in providing the care their patients require. I now look forward to working closely with my colleagues in the Seanad to discuss the legislation and move closer to making that new Ireland a reality.”