Press Release

Minister for Health welcomes new HSE QUIT Campaign TV advertisement



If you want to quit, help is at hand – or talk to your GP or pharmacist

Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly, TD, today (Monday 30 December) welcomed the launch of the next phase of the HSE’s QUIT campaign which is scheduled to commence on TV on January 1st 2014.

The new QUIT TV commercials feature Mr Gerry Collins discussing his smoking, his illness, his impending death and the anticipated loss to his family. Gerry hopes to inspire other people to quit smoking and avoid the pain of illness and premature separation from their loved ones.

The Minister said “I am very grateful to Gerry and his family and friends for having the courage to allow us share his story for the common good. It is not an easy thing he has done and I have no doubt that his story will help the many smokers out there to make that QUIT attempt”

The Government is committed to reducing Ireland’s smoking prevalence to less than 5% by 2025. Minister Reilly said “as we move to achieve the goal, as set out in Tobacco Free Ireland, we must encourage and assist the many smokers out there who want to be free from the scourge of tobacco addiction. Help is at hand and whilst most smokers try to quit on their own, they are more likely to succeed if they avail of the many supports available to them. I would urge smokers to talk to their own GP or pharmacists who can advise them on the various medications that will help them in their QUIT attempt. There is support available from the HSE’s excellent website and Facebook page ( Smokers can also get expert counselling support from the National Smokers’ Quitline at 1850 201203 or from their local health promotion department”

The Minister noted that 1 in every 2 smokers dies from a tobacco related disease. However, smokers can dramatically improve their chances of living a longer and healthier life by quitting – the sooner the better.