Press Release

Minister for Health welcomes HIQA’s work on the introduction of a PrEP programme

Minister for Health Simon Harris has welcomed HIQA’s work on the introduction of a PrEP programme for populations at substantial risk of sexual acquisition of HIV.

The Health Information Quality Authority was asked by the Government to carry out a Health Technology Assessment of introducing a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) programme in Ireland.

The aim is to establish the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of providing a PrEP programme in Ireland.

The Minister for Health is committed to rolling out the PrEP programme in 2019, as outlined in The National Sexual Health Strategy 2015–2020, and considerable work has already been completed by the HSE to prepare for the introduction of a PrEP programme that meets appropriate standards.

HIQA’s work is due to conclude by early next year and the Minister for Health looks forward to advancing policy on this issue at that juncture.

Minister Harris said: “We know that enormous progress has been made in the treatment of people living with HIV.

“However, we are also acutely aware of the significant numbers of people in Ireland being diagnosed.

“Prevention is absolutely essential and as Minister for Health I am keen to make PrEP, which is a prevention tool, more readily available to those at risk of HIV in Ireland.”