Press Release

Minister for Health Promotion, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, TD, addresses the 23rd Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) Annual Conference

Minister for Health Promotion, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, TD, today spoke at the IPHA Annual Conference on the practical implementation of Healthy Ireland.

The Minister acknowledged the importance of organisations such as the IPHA discussing Healthy Ireland as successful implementation of the Healthy Ireland Framework depends on the support and active involvement of all sectors of society, including the private sector.

The Minister spoke about a number of initiatives currently being implemented under Healthy Ireland including the National Obesity Policy and Action Plan, the National Physical Activity Plan, the National Sexual Health Strategy and the Warmth and Wellbeing Initiative.

Minister Corcoran Kennedy pointed out that with in excess of 24,000 direct employees, the pharmaceutical industry is well placed to support employee health and wellbeing by promoting healthier lifestyle choices through the work environment. She pointed out that initiatives such as introducing smoke free campuses, healthy food options in canteens, participation in active travel initiatives and encouraging greater physical activity can make a positive contribution to employee health and wellbeing, community development and can also contribute to achieving corporate goals.

The Minister also asked the delegates to consider how the pharmaceutical industry can contribute to addressing Ireland’s problem with alcohol misuse. She stated that 3 people die every day due to alcohol abuse, it is a contributory factor in half of all suicides and deliberate self-harm and in 2012 €1.5 billion was spent on alcohol related hospital discharges. Concluding, Minister Corcoran Kennedy said that alcohol is a psychoactive drug that is causing much harm and that all sectors must work together to minimise its damage to health and society.