Press Release

Minister for Health announces inquiry in to the case of Maedhbh McGivern

The Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly has this afternoon (July 4th) announced that an inquiry is to be set up into the events related to the case of 14 year old Maedhbh McGivern from Leitrim who lost an opportunity for a liver transplant due a failure in transportation facilities. Minister Reilly has been in contact with the Health Information & Quality Authority who have now undertaken to co-ordinate an inquiry into the events and circumstances surrounding Maedhbh McGivern’s failure to be transported to London in time for the operation.

HIQA will work with all of the relevant agencies involved in the affair, will clarify the facts that led to this unacceptable situation and will report back to Minister Reilly with recommendations on how best to operate transport arrangements to ensure such a failure does not occur in future. Meanwhile Minister Reilly expressed his deep concern and sympathy to the McGivern family over the traumatic events that have led to this lost opportunity.

Minister Reilly would like to assure the McGivern family that the purpose of the HIQA inquiry is to ensure that their family and others in a similar predicament do not face such a heartbreaking outcome in future.