Press Release

Minister for Health and Children announces increased funding for the Health Research Board

Today, at the launch of Health Research Board’s Health Services Research Fellowships and Clinical Research Fellowships in Nursing and Midwifery, the Minister for Health and Children Mr Micheál Martin TD announced increased capital funding of £2m for the Health Research Board.

The Minister said ” I am delighted to provide the Board with an additional £2m capital funding for research equipment in 2000 which is four times last year’s funding. Irish scientists and researchers have made significant contributions to medical knowledge and it is, therefore, our duty to ensure that we continue to build the support structures necessary to encourage the intellectual potential and capabilities of our graduates and researchers “. The Minister said that given the unprecedented level of resources committed by this Government to the health services there is a clear obligation to ensure that the money is spent in the most efficient way to maximise health and social gain for the population. The Health Research Board has a key role to play in facilitating the health research community to undertake this task.

The Health Research Board (HRB) is the statutory body with responsibility for health research in Ireland. Its functions are to promote, assist, commission or conduct medical, epidemiological, health and health services research. It also liaises and co-operates with other health agencies and research bodies in Ireland or elsewhere in promoting, commissioning or conducting relevant research.

The purpose of the Health Services Research Fellowship Scheme and Clinical Research Fellowships in Nursing and Midwifery is to address the skills shortages, to develop a network of skilled researchers and to provide opportunities to graduates with appropriate experience to undertake health services research in Ireland. The Minister said that “the research covered by the fellowships being awarded today promises to contribute significantly to important areas of our health services”.

Professor Michael Murphy, Chairman and Dr Ruth Barrington CEO of the Health Research Board welcomed the Minister’s announcement and expressed their gratitude for the increased funding which will greatly improve the equipment available to researchers.