Press Release

Minister for Children welcomes decision in the Tristan Dowse case

The Minister for Children, Brian Lenihan T.D. has welcomed the decision of Mr Justice MacMenamin in the Tristan Dowse case which was published today.

“It will ensure that Tristan’s future is protected, that he will continue to live with his natural mother and that Joseph and Lala Dowse will be obliged to provide for Tristan throughout his childhood,” said Mr Lenihan.

Referring to the praise given by the judge to the relevant officials, the Attorney general and the Adoption Board, Mr Lenihan said: “Mr Justice MacMenamin generously acknowledges the efforts of all involved in Tristan’s case and deservedly so. This has been a good day’s work by the State for Irish children.”

He also said that an important precedent has been established by today’s judgement: “The Irish State and court system has demonstrated that it will take all necessary steps and has ample powers to ensure that Irish citizens who adopt in other jurisdictions must meet their obligations.