Press Release

Minister for Children addresses the Irish Association of Social Care Worker’s Conference

Mr Brian Lenihan TD, Minister for Children, today addressed the Annual Conference of the Irish Association of Social Care Workers, entitled “Registration and the Professionalisation of Social Care”.

The Minister expressed his view that the theme of the conference – “Registration and Professionalisation of Social Care” – was very appropriate in the current climate given the impending establishment of a system of statutory registration for health and social care professionals, including social care workers.

The Minister thanked the Irish Association of Social Care Workers for its involvement in the work undertaken to date to establish the system of statutory registration which, in the Minister’s opinion, will further enhance the professionalism of social care workers in the future.

The Minister said that the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005, which provides for the establishment of the system of statutory registration, will serve to protect and guide members of the public so that they can be confident that the professional treating them is competent and of good standing.

The Minister paid tribute to the Social Services Inspectorate who, since its establishment in 1999, have carried out a full round of inspections involving over one hundred inspections of HSE children’s residential centres. He said that the Inspectorate play a crucial role in ensuring a quality assured system of care for children and young people who are in the care of the state.

The Minister also acknowledged the improvements achieved by the HSE since inspections began in implementing the Inspectorate’s recommendations and thereby raising the quality of care for children and young people in residential care.