Press Release

Minister Callely visits Castletownbear Community Hospital

Mr Ivor Callely TD Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children today (29th December, 2003) while visiting the Castletownbear Community Hospital stated that old age is not very easy and there is dawning realisation by society that older people require a comprehensive range of supports in place.

The Minister was met at the Hospital by Cllr Noel Harrington and the Matron and staff who were delighted with his visit.

“I am determined to witness a marked improvement in the range of support and secondary benefits in place. (Community, residential, day services, home subvention, personal care packages, free travel, free telephone etc.)” stated the Minister.

The Minister also stated that he is conscious that the growing population of older people need 24/7; that is support in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the community and in community nursing units such as here in Castletownbear Community Hospital.

There are many good things happening in our community and Fianna Fail is delivering in every region. There is hardly a local area from Malin Head to Misen Head in which there is not some new development taking place and funded by my Department.

I am delighted to advise of substantial additional capital monies have been allocated for capital works to health boards and here in Castletownbear Community Hospital in order to improve the comfort and enhance the delivery of services.

“Our success has been built on the shoulders of giants and it is only right that older people are offered the required supports to live in the dignity which their immense contributions to the development of our country deserve” stated Minister Callely.