Press Release

Minister Callely urges those “at risk” groups to get vaccinated

Mr Ivor Callely TD, Minister of State today (6 November 2003) urged those “at risk” groups to get vaccinated against the current influenza-like illness. The “at risk” groups include persons

  • Aged 65 or older,
  • People with severe illness such as chronic heart disease, chronic lung disease or kidney and diabetes,
  • Those with lower immunity due to disease or treatment, including those who have had their spleens removed,
  • Children or teenagers on long-term aspirin therapy,
  • Residents of nursing homes, old people’s homes and other long stay facilities.

It has also been advised that Healthcare workers should also be given the vaccine both for their own protection and for their patients´ protection.

“It would be remiss of me, as Minister with responsibility for Services for Older People, not to encourage those in the High-risk category to avail of the vaccination”, stated the Minister.

Information released by the National Disease Surveillance Centre (NDSC) shows a marked increase in the number of cases of influenza-like illness in Ireland during the last week.