Press Release

Minister Callely congratulates all on success of Positive Ageing Week

Mr Ivor Callely TD, Minister for Services for Older People today (10 October 2003) congratulated all those who had been involved in Positive Ageing Week which took place last week, from September 29th to October 3rd.

“One of the great achievements of our times is that most of us are living longer and staying more active than ever before. Positive Ageing Week is a celebration of this. Older age is now recognised as the time of freedom and of new challenges that it is, a time to devote, at last, to a beloved hobby or pastime. There are many examples of people who take up demanding new challenges when they retire and of people who use their retirement to make extraordinary contributions to society.

I am delighted to have been involved in Positive Ageing Week 2003 and to have met so many people through organised tours of Leinster House during the week, the Older People´s Needs -A Consultative Process Conference organised by my Department last Wednesday and all the various events which I took part in during the week.

I am looking forward to next years Positive Ageing Week, and am sure that it will be an even greater success than this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped to make this year´s event such a resounding success” stated the Minister.