Press Release

Minister Callely attends the Irish Health Summit

Minister Ivor Callely, Minister for Services for Older People, offered his congratulations to the Federation of Irish Societies for organising the Irish Health Summit.

The Minister accepted that while most emigrants had created good lives for themselves and their children, there were those for whom the experience of emigration had not been as successful.

He mentioned the health problems of the Irish in Britain and highlighted the “need to forge a partnership approach, which harnesses the resources and commitment of the Irish Government, the British Government and the voluntary agencies, to provide the best possible support for those of our emigrants who require it”.

The Minister spoke of the funding provided by the Irish Government for the welfare of Irish emigrants. In particular, he spoke of the Díon Fund which provides financial assistance to voluntary Irish agencies in Britain. He also paid tribute to the Irish abroad who have established and maintained these voluntary agencies.

He concluded by saying that “in relation to emigrant health, the Irish Government is determined to focus on priorities, such as, building the capacities of voluntary organisations working with the Irish in Britain, working closely with voluntary agencies an the British Government to assist returning emigrants, and supporting those emigrants abroad who are in difficult circumstances”.