Press Release

Minister Callely addresses the Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s Public Meeting

Mr Ivor Callely, TD, Minister for Services for Older People, today (16 September, 2003) offered his congratulations to the Alzeimer Society of Ireland at the opening of the second in it´s series of public meetings.

The Minister said that he and his Department recognise the tremendous work of the Society in the promotion of excellence in dementia care.

“Dementia is one of the most distressing of conditions, and is for the most part a progressive and incurable condition in which brain function deteriorates, causing impairment of memory, disorientation and gradual loss of skills,” stated the Minister.

He indicated that Dementia is caused by many different diseases of which, by far, the most common is Alzheimer´s Disease.

The Minister mentioned that, in Ireland, about 5,000 new cases of dementia occur annually and, with its population ageing, that Ireland is likely to witness a significant growth in the numbers of people presenting with this condition.

The Minister acknowledged that although dementia was usually associated with older people, it also strikes some of our younger citizens and their needs and concerns may be somewhat different to those of more advanced years. He looks forward to hearing the input of the various speakers on the issue.