Press Release

Minister Brady launches the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology National Report – ‘the Role Of Migrant Care Workers in Ageing Societies’

Áine Brady, T.D., Minister for Older People, today (25th September, 2009) officially launched the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology’s (ICSG) National Report entitled ‘the Role Of Migrant Care Workers in Ageing Societies’.

The Report was written by Dr. Kieran Walsh and Professor Eamon O’Shea and was funded by Atlantic Philanthropies. The aim of the research was to explore the implications of the recruitment of migrant carers for the delivery of health and social care to older people, for the living and working conditions of the migrant carers, and for immigration, integration and older adult care policies.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Brady said “I am very much aware of the invaluable role played by carers who give support to, and contribute greatly to the well-being of people in their care. In many instances, the presence of carers facilitates older people to maintain a level of independence and mobility that would otherwise not be possible without this invaluable support”.

“As we move forward, migrant care workers will continue to be an invaluable asset in older adult care in Ireland and therefore, as a society, we need to ensure that the entitlements of both older people and migrant carers are protected. The recommendations in this report will be a valuable tool when formulating future policy and practice that ensure the safeguarding of these entitlements”.

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