Press Release

Minister announces members of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board

Mary Harney, Minister for Health & Children, today (3rd May, 2007) announced the names of eight people whom she proposes to appoint to the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board, as follows:

  • Mr Michael Flaherty
  • Ms Kathryn Raleigh
  • Mr Harry Crosbie
  • Ms Vera Wegner
  • Ms Linda Dillon
  • Ms Norah Casey
  • Mr John O’Brien
  • Mr Brian Gilroy

The Minister has already announced the appointment of Mr Philip Lynch as Chairman-designate of the new Board.

She has also invited Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, the Children’s University Hospital, the National Children’s Hospital at Tallaght and the Faculty of Paediatrics (RCPI) to each nominate a representative for appointment to the Board.

Background Note

The Development Board will be responsible for designing, building and equipping the new National Paediatric Hospital in accordance with the high-level framework brief which is currently being finalised for the Health Service Executive.  The brief will include advice on the preferred model of care, on the core services to be delivered at the new hospital, and on the additional range of services to be provided outside of the main hospital.  This will include an assessment of the range of services to be provided through the urgent / ambulatory care service, and on the preferred location(s) for this service, taking account of international best practice in the planning of children’s hospital services.

Biographical Details

  • Mr Michael Flaherty is a partner in KPMG
  • Ms Kathryn Raleigh is the Director of ICT Ireland, IBEC
  • Mr Harry Crosbie is a businessman
  • Ms Vera Wegner is being appointed to represent the public interest
  • Ms Linda Dillon is being appointed to represent the interests of the parents of sick children
  • Ms Norah Casey is the Chief Executive Officer of Harmonia Ltd.
  • Mr John O’Brien is the National Director of the National Hospitals Office, Health Service Executive
  • Mr Brian Gilroy is the National Director of Estates, Health Service Executive