Press Release

Minister announces further £8.9 million allocation of 2001 Waiting List initiative funding

Mr Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Health and Children, today (26 July 2001) announced that the final allocation of waiting list funding for 2001 is being distributed to health agencies.

The total amount of waiting list funding available for distribution to health agencies in 2001 is £34.5 million (€43.1 million). £25.6 million (€32.5 million) has already been distributed to health agencies to undertake 12,000 procedures in 2001. The remaining £8.9 million (€11.3 million) is now being distributed to health agencies which will result in a further 5,000 procedures being carried out in 2001.

The distribution of the funding to health agencies is being particularly targeted towards hospitals that have the capacity to undertake additional procedures.

Health Agency Amount
Eastern Regional Health Authority £4,600,000
Midland Health Board £400,000
Mid-Western Health Board £900,000
North Eastern Health Board £550,000
North Western Health Board £418,000
Southern Health Board and Cork Voluntary Hospitals £932,000
South Eastern Health Board £800,000
Western Health Board £300,000

 “It is my intention to continue to take all available steps to address the short and longer term issues associated with waiting lists and, more importantly, waiting times. I will continue to monitor the performance of health agencies in achieving these objectives,” said the Minister.