Press Release

Minister Áine Brady at Age Action Ireland’s Annual General Meeting, 25th June 2010, Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin.

Áine Brady, T.D., Minister for Older People and Health Promotion, today (25th June 2010) spoke at the Annual General Meeting of Age Action Ireland.

Age Action Ireland is the national independent organisation on ageing and older people. It acts as a network of organisations and individuals including older people and carers of older people. It is a development agency promoting better policies and services for older people in an ageing society. Age Action’s aim is to improve the quality of life of older people, especially those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable, by enabling them to live full, independent and satisfying lives, for as long as they wish in their own homes or in appropriate accommodation.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting today, Minister Brady said “Ireland has an obvious and valuable resource in its older population, with an estimated half a million people over the age of 65. In the coming years this number is set to rise. The contribution that these citizens make is significant, and enriches us as a society. Age Action has been at the forefront in working to change attitudes towards older people – rejecting the stereotypes of dependency, passivity and inevitable decline.

How older people are perceived, and perceive themselves, can have implications on how they are treated by wider society. The various issues raised by members for today’s AGM have all been reflected time and time again during the Consultation process to-date for the Strategy. I am conscious of the need to address these, insofar as possible, either in the context of the Strategy or, as appropriate, on a separate basis, if possible, pending finalisation of the Strategy”.