Press Release

Minister addresses first meeting of the Eastern Regional Health Authority

The Minister for Health today addressed the inaugural meeting of the Eastern Regional Health Authority in Dr. Steeven’s Hospital at 3.30 pm.

The Minister sees the Authority’s establishment as a unique opportunity for innovation in the health service. The goal of a seamless and cohesive system, built around the patient and characterised by its ease of access and sensitivity is of paramount importance to all those involved.

‘We’ve created a situation where a patient may enter one part of our healthcare system, be superbly cared for within that part – and then have to negotiate (while they’re vunerable, perhaps fearful) in order to move to some other part of the system. Sick people shouldn’t have to do that’.

The Minister acknowledged that the Authority has been charged with a very large remit.

Issues such as Waiting Times and Waiting lists loom large on it’s agenda. However the innovative nature of the ERHA should allow for new approaches to persistent problems of this sort.

‘I’m asking the new Authority to provide leadership. To interrogate apparently chronic problems and not to accept the usual answers. If the patient, the client, the user of the services can truthfully say, in three years time, “My experience was better , this time around, than it used to be”, then we’re all winning’ the Minister concluded.