Press Release

Micheál Martin TD Minister for Health and Children publishes the Bonner Report

Mr Micheál Martin T.D. published the report of Mr. Kevin Bonnersetting out the proposals for the future development of Monaghan General Hospital.

The Report was commissioned following submission of the Report of the Independent Review Panel into events surrounding the death of baby Bronagh Livingstone.

Mr Bonner’s terms of reference were:

1. To assist and work with the North Eastern Health Board in implementing the findings of the report of the Independent Review Panel

2. To recommend an appropriate management structure for Monaghan Hospital and assist the Board in implementing the structure

3. To facilitate the resolution of outstanding issues pertaining to the provision of services at Monaghan General Hospital, with particular references to emergencies

The Minister is aware that events surrounding the tragic death of Bronagh Livingstone have given rise to considerable concern and debate surrounding service delivery and the future role of Monaghan Hospital. The Minister today welcomed the publication of this report, which contains a number of key recommendations with regard to the future organisaion and delivery of acute services at the hospital.

The Minister is pleased to accept the main recommendation of the Report that Monaghan General Hospital should continue to play a vital role in the delivery of acute hospital services to the local community within the Cavan/Monaghan Hospital Group. The Minister also accepts that additional services can be provided at the hospital to the benefit of the local community.

In particular, the proposals to strengthen the management capacity of the hospital within the Cavan / Monaghan Group and the central involvement of consultant staff within this new structure are very significant developments which will enhance the ability of the Group to deliver high quality services.

The Report recognised that the pattern of acute hospital service delivery is changing worldwide and that Monaghan Hospital´s best guarantee for the future is to participate in and accept those changes which will ensure its future viability. In this context, the report´s recommendations in relation to the range and configuration of acute services to be delivered within the Group will now require consideration by the North Eastern Health Board. The forthcoming Medical Staffing (Hanly) will further inform the position in this regard.

In accordance with the recommendations in the Bonner Report, the Minister has decided to develop the programme of capital investment in Monaghan Hospital and intends to make funding available under the National Development Plan which will allow the hospital to address urgent needs in important areas such as equipment replacement, refurbishment, fire precaution and other health and safety measures.