Press Release

Micheál Martin rejects claims by Senator O Meara regarding second phase of the Hanly Review

Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Health and Children, today (27 May 04) strongly rejected claims by Labour Senator Kathleen O´Meara in relation to the work of the second phase of the Hanly Review.

Rubbishing Senator O´Meara claims about the re-organisation of hospital services Minister Martin said that not only were her comments on hospital re-organisation absolutely untrue, the Hanly Phase 2 Group had not even met yet due to the industrial relation action being taken by consultants in relation to the introduction of Enterprise Liability, as Senator O´Meara well knows.

“The fictitious claims made Senator O´Meara and the Hospital Action Group are grossly irresponsible and amount to nothing more than deliberate scare-mongering and an attempt to use the Hanly Report purely for electoral gain”, Minister Martin said.

“The Hanly report proposes how to provide safe, high quality acute hospital services around the clock, every day after doctors´ working hours have been reduced to 58 hours per week and then 48 in line with European requirements. The report also addresses the training of doctors and sets out a number of principles with will see services in all Ireland´s hospitals change for the better. This will include a consultant-provided, rather than consultant supervised service, delivered in teams, with more access to services in the regions”, concluded Minister Martin.