Press Release

Micheál Martin opens Health Impact Assessment Seminar

Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Health and Children, opened the Health Impact Assessment Seminar organised jointly by the Department of Health and Children and the Institute of Public Health today (July 8th) at Dublin Castle. The Seminar will outline the importance of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and encourage support for training, dissemination of information and implementation.

HIA has been developing internationally in recent years in Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Sweden and Australia and the seminar will be addressed by leading national and international HIA experts and practitioners. This will include speakers from the European Commission and the World Health Organisation.

Commenting Minister Martin said “improved health for all is the responsibility of many sectors and agencies, not just the Department of Health and Children. HIA is a systematic way of assessing the impact on health of policies, programmes or projects in many areas and it encourages a multisectoral approach to promoting health. The new Health Information and Quality Authority as outlined in the recently announced health reform programme will have an important role to play in providing an authoritative and independent voice on the impact and overall value of health policy and strategies. This new organisation will provide a key linkage for broader HIA activities”,

EU Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne, who will be represented at the meeting, said “our goal is to make other policies work for health. By working closely together with those responsible for other policy areas, we aim to increase their awareness and understanding of health concerns, and of the important contribution their policies can make towards ensuring health protection and improving health.”