Press Release

Martin takes medical recruitment drive to India and Pakistan

Mr Micheal Martin T.D., Minister for Health and Children, announced today (18 September 2000) that he has approved a proposal for a high level recruitment delegation to visit India and Pakistan with the purpose of attracting non-consultant hospitals doctors (NCHDs) to Ireland.

The delegation will be representative of the Department of Health and Children, the Health Boards, the College of Anaesthetists, the Association of Anaesthetists and the Medical Council. Its main focus will be to recruit NCHDs in anaesthetics for the Irish health service, and the delegation is expected to leave Ireland in October.

The Minister commented that “This type of initiative is essential if progress is to be made in meeting the shortage of skilled Anaesthetists in our hospital system. It represents one element of a more proactive and co-ordinated approach to recruitment for the health sector. I have requested the Office of Health Management to urgently review current recruitment arrangements and activities to ensure a more focused approach on behalf of the Health Sector”.

He added that the delegation travelling to India and Pakistan will be empowered to recruit NCHDs and act on behalf of Health Boards and hospitals. The delegation is specifically tasked to identify suitably qualified doctors to meet current vacancies and future vacancies likely to arise over the next six to twelve months.

Doctors from India and Pakistan already avail of opportunities to gain work experience in Ireland. This recruitment drive is a further step to develop these linkages and to explain at first hand the range opportunities available in the Irish Healthcare system. The initiative complements earlier successful efforts made by various Bodies to attract qualified nursing staff from abroad.

The Minister is confident that the delegation, which has the backing of the medical profession, will succeed in its task.