Press Release

Martin reacts to inaccurate claims by the hospital action group

Micheál Martin TD, Minster for Health and Children today said he was outraged at the deliberately inaccurate claims being made by the newly formed “Hospital Action Group” and added that this campaign is more about local elections than saving local hospitals.

Commenting Minister Martin said “the gross inaccuracies in claims made today by some members of the “Hospital Action Group” is sheer political opportunism masquerading as a campaign for local hospitals. Instead of issuing misleading statements, which deliberately set out to scaremonger and misrepresent the true position, people would be far better engaging in a rational debate on real issues like patient safety and better outcomes”. The Minister said that proposals contained in the Hanly Report mean greater investment in local hospitals to provide more services for patients.

The proposals outlined in the Hanly Report mean an increase in services across all our hospitals and the provision of additional facilities into the regions. It is universally accepted and indeed was reiterated by Professor Arthur Tanner only this morning, that consultant delivered services, i.e. consultant care available around the clock, is the only way to ensure better patient outcomes.

Furthermore A&E units will not be closing. General Hospitals will not be closing. The recently announced Acute Hospital Review Group has broad representation from across the country, both rural and urban. Demographic and geographic considerations will be part of the group´s remit. The Hanly report specifically allows for the retention of General Hospital´s contrary to the statements issued today by the “Hospital Action Group”