Press Release

Martin opens new Carers’ Resource Centre on the Drumcondra Road

The Minister for Health and Children, Mr Micheál Martin TD, today officially opened a new Carer’s Resource Centre in Drumcondra on behalf of the Carers Association.

The start-up costs for the Centre are approximately £12,000, while the running costs to 31st March 2000 are approximately £5,000. Of these costs, £10,000 was provided through the Department of Health and Children and the Eastern Health Board.It is envisaged that over the next year the Centre will:-

  • deal with 800 telephones enquiries and personal callers;
  • distribute Carers Information Packs and the Take Care! magazine;
  • help Carers to form into Carers support groups;
  • establish a Carers Outreach Service;
  • run a series of Pamper Days;
  • participate in research and evaluation programmes;
  • develop new model of training and education;
  • assist families through the use of new technologies;
  • heighten awareness of Carers in the North Dublin area;
  • investigate the possibility of establishing a HomeCare Assistant service; and
  • pilot programme for home-based respite – particularly in out-of-office hours.

Minister Martin pointed out that “there is no doubt that carers make an enormous contribution not only to the care of older people, but of other dependent family members. This care can, at times, be at substantial personal cost in terms of financial, mental and physical strain. Caring is a twenty four hour, seven day a week job. Generally carers do not plan to take on such a role but the circumstances of life make it necessary. It is essential therefore, that both the voluntary and statutory sector works together to support them in whatever way we can”.

Referring to the Taoiseach’s support for the new centre the Minister said “the Carers Resource Centre in an important service provided by the Association, as it provides a focal point in the local community for carers. The Centre concentrates on the needs of the carers and facilitates the carer in identifying supports and also assists in securing them, if the Carer so requests. The Association has a network of such centres nationally and the Taoiseach has asked me to convey his support for this centre in Drumcondra which is the latest addition to that network. I hope that over the coming years we can continue to strengthen the bonds that exist between the Association and the statutory services”.