Press Release

Martin announces major expansion of Nurse Training Places in Cork and Kerry

The Minister for Health and Children, Michéal Martin, today unveiled details of his strategy for increasing the number of general nurse training places in Cork and Kerry.

Speaking at a nurse graduation ceremony in Cork University Hospital, Minister Martin announced that Tralee, Bantry and Mallow General Hospitals and St. Mary’s Orthopaedic Hospital in Cork are to become involved in the education and training of general nursing students. This will result in a 40% increase in the overall number of training places available this year in the Southern Health Board area , from 135 to 190 places.

Tralee General Hospital

The School of General Nursing operated by the Southern Health Board at Tralee General Hospital is being re-designated as a pre-registration school, with an annual intake of 45 students. The School will be linked to the Institute of Technology Tralee. “I have made available funding of £400,000 in respect of operational costs this this year. I have also approved a capital grant of £300,000 to enable the health board to extend the existing school of nursing building at the hospital. When the school is fully operational, it will have a total of 135 students in training at any given time. This is a very significant development which will provide a major boost to County Kerry.” said Minister Martin.

Bantry General Hospital

The Minister also announced that Bantry General Hospital will provide clinical placements for nursing students who will be attached to Tralee General Hospital. “I have approved a new Nurse Development Co-ordinator post for the hospital. The appointee will have lead responsibility for supporting the nursing students in the clinical areas as well as developing nursing practice at the hospital. I have also provided funding for the enhancement of the hospital’s library and information resource materials” said the Minister.

Mallow General Hospital and St Mary’s Orthopaedic Hospital Cork

The Minister also announced funding for Nurse Development Co-Ordinator posts at both Mallow General Hospital and St Mary’s Orthopaedic Hospital Cork, to enable those two hospitals to become involved in the provision of clinical experiences for nursing students from Cork University Hospital and the other hospitals in Cork City. Minister Martin said:” I am aware that all of the Cork hospitals currently involved in the education of nursing students have been experiencing difficulties in accessing sufficient clinical areas. The participation of Mallow and St Mary’s Hospitals is designed not only to address those difficulties but to facilitate the creation of an additional 10 training places in Cork.”