Press Release

Martin announces equipment funding boost for the South East

While on a visit to the South Eastern Health Board region today, the Minister for Health and Children, Mr Micheál Martin TD, announced over £2.6 million in equipment funding under the National Development Plan (NDP).

During his visit to Waterford Regional Hospital, the Minister announced that he would be providing £2 million under the NDP for priority equipping and minor capital works at Waterford Regional Hospital. This funding will cover areas including CT scanning, laboratories, interventional and vascular facilities and the telephone system.

Meanwhile, on an earlier visit to St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny at the commencement of building of their new Coronary Care Unit, Acute Psychiatric Unit and CAT Scan Suite, the Minister announced that he will be providing £500,000 in funding for the refurbishment of the Hepatitis C clinic, a new telephone system and a new nurse call system at St Luke’s. The Minister is also providing a further £120,000 in respect of equipment funding at Kilcreene Orthopaedic Hospital.

Commenting on his visit to the area the Minister said “I am very pleased to see at first hand the extent to which hospital services in the South Eastern Health Board area have grown and developed in recent years. I am very happy to be able to announce additional funding for equipment while on my visit here today to ensure that the growth and development of recent years can be continued and that the South Eastern Health Board region can continue to provide the best possible care for its patients”.