Press Release

Martin Announces Advisory Group for Symptomatic Breast Cancer Services

The Minister for Health and Children, Mr Micheál Martin TD, today (22nd August, 2000) announced that he was setting up an Advisory Group to consider the implementation of the recommendations of the National Council Forum Sub-Group on Services for Symptomatic Breast Cancer and the development of Breast Cancer Services throughout the country.

The Advisory Group will liaise and consult with all the local agencies and health boards to discuss the best options for the development of breast cancer services in their area. No final decisions have been taken in relation to the recommendations of the Cancer Forum Sub-Group Report.

It is not the intention of the Minister to undermine existing facilities but rather to work with all those currently involved to develop Centres of Excellence for women throughout the country. This development of Breast Cancer Services will involve significant investment and a radical enhancement of existing services.”I am determined to put in place a framework that will deliver the best possible service for women with breast cancer,” the Minister said.

The Minister announced that the Advisory Group is to be chaired by Professor Niall O’Higgins who chaired the Sub-Group of the Cancer Forum which developed the Report into Symptomatic Breast Cancer Services. A list of the membership of the new Advisory Group is enclosed.