Press Release

Major Replacement of Equipment and Refurbishment Programme at Beaumont Hospital

Mr Micheál Martin, TD, Minister for Health and Children is pleased to announce his approval for major replacement equipment and refurbishment works at Beaumont Hospital. This is the first time that Beaumont Hospital has had such a programme since it opened in 1987. The total amount of investment will be £26.469m over the next four years.

The amount of major equipment will be in excess of £9.215m and £17.254m will be available for extensive refurbishment work.

The equipment replacement programme will cover:

  • Theatres
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • CSSD
  • Accident & Emergency
  • Endoscopy
  • Out Patients
  • Ophthalmology
  • Neurology
  • General Wards
  • Mortuary
  • Medical Records
  • Health & Safety

These constitute the Hospital equipment replacement priority programme as identified by the Hospital.

The refurbishment programme will include:

  • Civil and mechanical replacement
  • Upgrading of clinics
  • Re-cladding and re-roofing of hospital
  • Major upgrading of reception area

“The implementation of this programme will mean a vast improvement in facilities and I am confident that it will provide a greatly enhanced environment and service for patients, staff and visitors”, said the Minister.

This £26.469m programme will be funded entirely by the National Development Plan.

“I will be committing further resources to a re-equipping programme for the different care programmes throughout the Health Services and this demonstrates the Governments commitment to bringing the infrastructure of the health services to an unprecedented level of quality and comfort for patients and staff”, the Minister said.

The National Development Plan will commit £2b to the Health Services over the next seven years. This almost a trebling of the capital investment made over the last seven years. A total of £1b will be provided in the acute hospital system in that period with a further £1b supporting non hospital programmes.