Press Release

Look after Older People over the Christmas Season

Mr. Sean Power T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children has appealed to all to consider the needs of older people over the Christmas season. As large sections of the older population live alone, they may frequently feel excluded from society, but given that many may also be housebound, they also feel out of touch with the seasonal celebrations.

Difficulties start as bad weather, crowds, and increased noise make it harder for older people to get out of the house and cope with day-to-day chores. “I would urge anyone with an older friend or neighbour, living on their own, to take a little time to say hello and check up on them” said Minister Power.

“All it takes is a few minutes. Many older people are afraid to ask for help, especially at this time of year when everybody is busier preparing for Christmas and the New Year. Older people are more vulnerable at this time of year, but those few minutes are all it takes to ensure the older people in our communities have enough fuel and food, and are warm and happy”.

“This year we want everyone to think differently and help us to create a Happier Christmas for our older people. It is as simple as smiling and wishing someone a Happy Christmas when you see them in a shop. Your voice could be the only one that a person living alone will hear all day.”

“It doesn’t take much to help those around us who may not be so well able to look after themselves this Christmas to make a real difference. If this time of year is about the spirit of sharing, a little time is truly the greatest gift we can give to this vulnerable section of our society”, added Minister Power.