Press Release

Launch of the electronic GMS Scheme Contract

The electronic GMS Scheme contract (eGMS contract) was launched last week at the Primary Care Units Annual Conference, held this year in Galway.

The new facility means that all GMS Scheme contract circulars issued from the inception of the Scheme in 1972 can now be found on the web at

The user friendly features include:

  • search engine
  • indices
  • themes
  • navigation between documents with hyperlinks
  • ability to download all documents for reading offline

The purpose of the project, which was undertaken by the GMS Division of the Department of Health & Children, is to make the contract more accessible to all those with an interest in the GMS Scheme, in particular, participating doctors. Future GMS Scheme contract circulars will be placed on the site at the time of issue thereby ensuring that the site becomes a comprehensive facility for all contact matters.

The project is part of the Division’s commitment to exploring how best to utilise modern communications technologies to assist its work, increase transparency and generally further the use of information technology and electronic communications in primary care administration and services.

Dr Brian O’Mahony, Specialist in Health Informatics, Lismore, County Waterford, was the technical specialist involved in developing the project.