Press Release

KARE’s seminar on Advocacy – part of ‘Positive Ageing Week’

Mr. Ivor Callely, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, with special responsibility for services for older people, today (29 September 2004) welcomed the opportunity to open the seminar on advocacy at Sybil Hill Road.

“I am particularly happy to promote advocacy, as believe it is vital that older people receive information on services and entitlements, which directly concern them” stated the Minister.

The Minister added that each year ‘Positive Ageing Week’ allows for a focus to be put on older people and growing older – on what is possible as we age, rather than what may not be possible.  In itself, it is a great demonstration of positivity in action.

The Minister emphasised the positive contribution made to Irish society by older people, who have been instrumental in building and strengthening the State to the healthy level we enjoy today.

The Minister also stated his and this Government’s intention to continue to strive to improve the lot of older people during his tenure as Minister for Services for Older People.