Press Release

Ivor Callely TD, Minister of State presents awards to Blood Donors

Speaking at the Donor Awards Ceremony in the City West Hotel and presenting awards to persons who had donated 50 and 100 times, Minister Callely said, “each week in Ireland 3,000 donations of blood are required just to meet regular demand. Every year, about 2% of the entire population needs a blood transfusion, and one in four of us will require blood at some point in our lives”.

“On behalf of all the patients and their families who have received these donations, may I say thank you to each and every donor”, the Minister continued. “Your reward is to know that you have made a difference to so many people. The difference in many cases between life and death, the difference between well-being and illness”.

The Minister remarked that this was a very appropriate occasion to recognise the achievements of donors, coming as it does in the middle of National Blood Awareness Week. The Minister also referred to the continued and valuable contribution of the voluntary donor organisers, which the national donor collection programme relies heavily upon.

The Minister thanked the staff of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service for maintaining the quality of the blood transfusion service, which is of the highest standard, and paid tribute to the Board and Management who are charged with guiding the organisation through a period of tremendous change.

Minister Callely concluded by asking the donors to “continue to give blood in the coming years with the same unselfishness you have displayed in the past”. “I also urge you to encourage your friends and families to join you in the future” said the Minister.