Press Release

Ireland Ratifies Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Following last Thursday’s approval by the Dáil, Ireland today (Monday, 7 November 2005) ratified the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). This Convention is the first binding international treaty that provides an agreed global approach to tobacco control to protect public health and to reduce deaths from tobacco related illness.

Minister of State Seán Power, who has special responsibility for tobacco control, said “Ratification of the FCTC today marks Ireland’s contribution to tobacco control policy. The Convention, which has been signed by 168 countries around the world and ratified by 101, including Ireland, provides the framework for the introduction of further measures to respond effectively to the health threat of tobacco. At the time when it was being negotiated, Ireland was a strong advocate of an effective Convention and has consistently advocated a strong line on tobacco control both nationally and internationally.”

Minister of State Power added, “The successful introduction of the ‘Smoke-free at work’ initiative in March 2004 has continued to attract international interest and we look forward to the ongoing implementation of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts.”