Press Release

Inaugural meeting of Crisis Pregnancy Agency

The inaugural meeting of the Crisis Pregnancy Agency has taken place today (6 December 2001). In his address to the board the Minister for Health and Children, Mr Micheál Martin TD, outlined the Government´s views on urgent and vital work to be carried out by the Agency.

“This Agency will have the task of of drawing up a national strategy to address crisis pregnancy and overseeing its implementation. It will work with a wide range of organisations, not just in the health sector but also, for example, in the education, welfare, employment and housing fields. I have provided funding of €6.5 million for the Agency in 2002,” said the Minister.

Olive Braiden, Chairperson, said – “Crisis Pregnancy is a long standing reality that has never been comprehensively addressed by way of state policy until now. This Agency is intended to do just that. Its work is underpinned by All Party support”

The Crisis Pregnancy Agency will draw on the experience of existing bodies and organisations while fulfilling its remit to bring a new, systematic and sustained approach to assisting before, during and after a crisis pregnancy. The Agency will address shortfalls in counselling services, practical support and education. The Crisis Pregnancy Agency is a stand alone initiative; its work is an essential part of public policy.

In the New Year the Crisis Pregnancy Agency will make arrangements to meet all organisations involved in issues relating to crisis pregnancy.

Members of the board are as follows:

  • Ms Rosemary Grant
  • Dr Linda Hogan
  • Mr Martin Larkin
  • Ms Geraldine Luddy
  • Ms Pauline Moreau
  • Mr Brian Mullen
  • Mr Anthony O´Gorman
  • Ms Margaret Ryan