Press Release

Hanafin to announce Ireland-Philippines agreement on Inter-Country Adoption

Minister for Children, Ms. Mary Hanafin TD, is today (Monday, 27 August, 2001) in the Philippines to meet with officials working in adoption. A bilateral executive agreement on inter-country adoption between the Irish Adoption Board and the Philippines authorities is to be signed this Wednesday (August 27, 2001).

“I am very impressed with what I have seen of the adoption system in the Philippines, and particularly with the philosophy that the interests of the child remain paramount at all times. Inter-country adoption in the Philippines is only allowed after all efforts have been made at both local end and national level to find the child a home with a Filipino couple. The matching process ensures that children available for inter-country adoption are placed with the most suitable couple on the inter-country adoption waiting list. The Hague Convention principles underpin the inter-country adoption system in the Philippines to ensure that the interests and welfare of the child are protected,” Minister Hanafin said.

The executive agreement will facilitate Irish couples who wish to adopt children from the Philippines. All contact will be made through the Irish Adoption Board, and this will enable the Philippine authorities to process applications quickly. Similar arrangements already exist with China, Thailand and Belarus.

“There is a lot of interest amongst Irish couples in inter-country adoption, and this provides the possibility for Filipino children to be raised in an Irish family. I look forward to a high level of co-operation between the Irish Adoption Board and Inter-Country Adoption Board of the Philippines, to ensure that the best interests of Filipino children adopted into Ireland are protected,” concluded Minister Mary Hanafin T.D.