Press Release

Flu Vaccine supplies return to normal

The Department of Health has resolved outstanding concerns over the availability of flu vaccines and has secured commitments from new suppliers that will fully meet Ireland’s needs this winter.

Not withstanding a problem with one supplier that affected supplies worldwide, almost 598,000 doses have now been secured for Ireland. Our national demand is for 530,000 doses.

200,000 doses of flu vaccine were distributed around the country in early September. 89,000 doses are currently being distributed and a further 103,680 doses will arrive in the country on Thursday next. This will bring the total received by the end of this week to 392,680. This compares favourably to last year – at this time last year 329,400 doses had been distributed.  A further 200,000 doses will be delivered later this month.

The Department of Health and Children asked Health Boards on 23rd September to advise GP’s to concentrate their efforts on ensuring that patients at greatest risk receive priority vaccination.

Any remaining local difficulties with flu vaccine supply should be greatly eased by the end of this week.