Press Release

Fahey calls for public submissions on the National Children’s Strategy

Frank Fahey T.D. Minister for State with responsibility for Children today called for submissions to contribute to the preparation of a National Children’s Strategy. The Strategy, which is due to be published early next year, will map out a direction for the next ten years through a set of realisable goals which will address all aspects of the child and young person. The National Children’s Strategy will promote the best interest of children and young people reflecting the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by the United Nations General Assembly.

“This Government is committed to identifying the needs of children and young people and to addressing those needs in partnership with statutory services, voluntary and community services, parents and guardians and with the children themselves. In our recently reviewed Action programme for the Millennium, we prioritised the need to put in place a coherent system of support to care for our children. To be successful in achieving this aim it is important that we get the views of the widest spectrum of interest and especially children, young people and those closest to them” said Minister Fahey.

Key elements of the National Children’s Strategy will include:

  • recognition that the best interest of the child is a first consideration,
  • recognition of the intrinsic worth of childhood and as a foundation for adulthood and citizenship,
  • promotion of the complementary relationship between the child, the family, the voluntary/community sector, the private sector and the State,
  • widespread consultation, particularly with children and young people, parents and guardians and anyone who works with children.

Areas to be addressed in Submissions

The Minister invited submissions to the Strategy as the first of a number of targeted measures to ensure the widest range of views and consultation possible. He identified areas of particular interest on which submissions would be welcome;

Q1. Towards 2010

What are the opportunities and challenges facing children and young people over the next ten years?

Q2. Provision of services and supports for children and young people.

  • What works well and why?
  • How should these be developed over the next ten years having regard to these opportunities and challenges?

Q3. Delivery of services and supports for children and young people.

  • What works well and why?
  • What changes would improve service delivery over the next ten years having regard for these opportunities and challenges?

Advertisements will appear in the daily newspapers on Friday, 19 November.

Inter-Departmental Group

The Inter-Departmental Group preparing the National Children’s Strategy is comprised of senior officials from nine Government Departments and is chaired by the Department of Health and Children. The Inter-Departmental Group is supported in their task by a dedicated Cross-Departmental team.