Press Release

Expert Group receives over 140 submissions on mental health issues

Professor Joyce O´Connor, Chairperson of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy, announced today (19th January 2004) that over 140 submissions have been received by the Group so far in its public consultation process on the Government´s mental health policy.

The Expert Group, established last August by Minister of State Tim O´Malley T.D. , has a remit to prepare a comprehensive mental health policy framework for the next ten years, to recommend how the services might best be organised and delivered and to indicate the potential cost of its recommendations. “This is a group of very talented people, all experts in their own fields, who have been asked by the Minister of State to undertake this work”, said Professor O´Connor. “Each member was selected on his or her own merits and not as a representative of any particular interest or specialty”.

The Group had requested submissions from interested organisations, individuals and the general public in October last.

“I am delighted with the public´s response to this first phase of our consultation process,” Professor O´Connor said. “Each submission received will be carefully read and considered by members of the Expert Group and will feed into the Group´s deliberations over the next few months.”

Professor O´Connor confirmed that the Group will meet again this week to consider further consultation initiatives with various stakeholders, including users of the mental health services.