Press Release

Dr Frank Dolphin steps down as HSE Board Chairman

The Minister for Health Dr James Reilly has today expressed his gratitude to Dr Frank Dolphin, who has announced that he is stepping down as the Chairman of the Interim Board of the HSE.

Dr Dolphin has served in that position for the last eight months. He had been appointed as Chairman of the original board of the HSE in July 2010. At Minister Reilly’s request Dr Dolphin remained on as Chair of the Interim Board to assist in the transformation process within the HSE.

This Government is committed to a radical reform of the health services which will see the introduction of Universal Health Care for our citizens. That major change will include the replacement of the HSE with structures more suited to the delivery of health care under that system.

Mr Dolphin’s departure comes on the day the Cabinet approved the drafting of legislation to abolish the Board structure of the HSE. And his departure comes in the wake of significant changes already made in the relationship between the Department of Health and the HSE with greater synergies having been established.

Minister Reilly paid tribute to the role played by Frank Dolphin.

“Dr Dolphin has been a key figure in the transformation process involving the HSE to date. Dr Dolphin understands the scale of the reform required and has been entirely supportive as we move to make significant structural change in the delivery of health care. I am also delighted that Dr Dolphin has indicated a willingness to provide me with further advice and assistance in health related areas should I require it.”

Meanwhile Minister Reilly will appoint Mr Michael Scanlan, the Secretary General of the Department of Health to replace Dr Dolphin as Chairman of the Interim Board.