Press Release

DPS Refund Scheme – Extension of Closing Date for Receipt of Claim Forms

The Department of Health and Children put in place a Refund Scheme, operated through the GMS (Payments) Board, to process claims from persons who may be eligible for a refund due to the delay in putting the Drug Payment Scheme (DPS) on a statutory basis. The Scheme was widely advertised in the national press on 26th June 2003.

In the interest of facilitating members of the public to reclaim their overpayments under the DPS Refund Scheme, and to allay any fears of potential claimants that they will miss the closing date, it has been decided to extend the closing date for the above Scheme to 31st October 2003.

The information necessary to process the original DPS claim would have been the subject of a transaction between the claimant, the pharmacy and the GMS (Payments) Board. Clients who may have dealt directly with the pharmacist in the initial transaction may not have required the pharmacist to provide prescription receipts to the Board. As a result, the Board does not have sufficient information, in all cases, to deal with those individual claimants under the Refund Scheme.

It would, therefore, assist if claimants could provide as much evidence of transactions as possible during the relevant period July 1999 to February 2001 inclusive. However, if members of the public do not have original receipts, the G.M.S. (Payments) Board has agreed with the Irish Pharmaceutical Union (IPU) the data that is required to support refund claims. This data will be available to claimants from the Pharmacy/Pharmacies from whom the client had their prescriptions dispensed. It is appreciated that, because the data is up to four years old, it may take individual Pharmacists some time to compile the data. The Payments Board has informed the Department that individual Pharmacists have been most helpful and accommodating to their clients in supplying the information requested. Any member of the public or Pharmacist who is experiencing particular difficulties in supplying the data should contact the G.M.S. (Payments) Board at



Telephone (lo-call): 1890 564025 (normal office hours)