Press Release

Department correspondence to editor of Irish Times in response to Dr. Maurice Guerets letter of 12th January, 2009


It is difficult to overlook any correspondence as intriguingly titled as “Corporate Obesity in the Department of Health”.So it was that I read, with considerable anticipation, Dr Maurice Guéret’s letter of 12th January. However, I must admit to a sense of some disappointment as I came to realise that Dr Guéret’ was, in fact, engaged in a timely, highly cost-effective and somewhat tongue in cheek piece of marketing for the next edition of his Directory.

I am acutely aware that my response can only serve to further this marketing strategy. However, since the Irish Medical Directory website already makes clear the “if your business involves health – you simply cannot do without it” it seems that everyone who should have the Directory already has it and therefore shares the publisher’s views of this “incredible work”. In such circumstances, it would seem that any further self-promotion should be put on a strict diet of quiet reflection.

It would also be remiss of me, given the obesity theme, not to point out that the Directory has itself considerably expanded in size over the years and, understandably, that has been one of its major selling points. It would be appalling if anyone were to observe that the Directory was itself in danger of becoming obese simply because of the increase in the number of pages. Such an approach would be far too simplistic.

The answer, of course, is that the Directory has grown in size to reflect the increasing scope, complexity and work of the health system. Presumably, this has been a necessary evolution to meet new challenges and to provide a complete and quality service to its users.

Standing still and looking to a society and world that have changed beyond recognition are not options for any organisation that is consumer driven and quality focussed. That is certainly the case whether it is the Irish Medical Directory or the Department of Health and Children