Press Release

Cowen says new Drugs Payment Scheme will ease burden on families with large drugs bills

Brian Cowen, T.D., Minister for Health and Children, announcing the introduction of the new Drugs Payment Scheme with effect from tomorrow, 1st July, 1999, said he was satisfied that the new scheme will be of significant benefit to many families who, either regularly or even occasionally, are faced with large drugs bills. “From tomorrow”, Minister Cowen said “no individual or family will have to pay their pharmacist more than £42 per month on prescribed drugs or medicines. Once an individual or family has spent a total of £42 on prescribed medicines in a month, the cost of any further prescribed medicines that month will be paid for by the State.”

The Minister said that most families and individuals who were regular users of existing schemes had registered for the new scheme. However, he urged everyone to register, so that when they incur high drug costs, they would not have to pay more than £42 for their medicines. “The new scheme is for everyone” said the Minister, and his Department was placing notices in the national press outlining the details of the scheme and urging everyone to register.